Anon Rant: Sudden about-face in academic policy by new NYJC principal has left many in distress

Little backstory: Nanyang Junior College (NYJC) has had a long-standing "loophole" that allows students in the Arts stream to piggyback upon so they could potentially switch over to studying subjects made available only to their Science stream peers, the unspoken caveat being they must have attained an L1R5 raw aggregate of 6 points in the 'O' Level examinations. During NYJC's open-house event held prior to the current Joint Admission Exercise (JAE) prospective applicants were assured this so-called backdoor option was still greenlit, however it got abruptly done away with by its new principal right after the school term began. An existing student therefore penned a feisty online diatribe against what he perceived as one colossal foul-up which left numerous others staring down the same catch-22 predicament - reproduced exactly as follows:


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