JPJC’s most recent stupid decision

By SecretlyDepressed85

Recently our school principal announced that prom night shall be cancelled. He proffered two rather superficial reasons - first off, it ain't educational, the second being barely half the cohort attended the event annually.

Not educational??? Hello, how is this even making any sense? Our 'A' Levels would have been over by then, we certainly deserve to relax and have fun, wtf should anything happening thereafter need to be educational, least of all prom?! What's so wrong about letting us party to our hearts' content without fear or worry?

Regarding reason no.2, I can perhaps appreciate the consistent poor turnout year after year underpinning an unwillingness to get organizing yet again, still this doesn’t mean that they can simply deprive folks who DO want prom night of their right to one, especially those who never had the privilege of savouring such a unique experience whilst back in secondary school.

Suffice to say, many of my friends as well as classmates are both exasperated and seething with disappointment right now. Regardless, I doubt the school management will budge, much less arrive at some form of compromise. Talk about an autocratic institution, JPJC fits the bill to a T.


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