National University of Singapore (NUS),

Nanyang Junior College (NYJC),

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

BA (Hons) in English Literature

Full time private tutor

1st Year Undergraduate English Literature Tuition,

'A' Level General Paper Tuition,

'A' Level English Literature Tuition,

'O' Level English Tuition,

'O' Level English Literature Tuition

English Classes And Essays


Mr Kevin Seah is an unconventional tutor who believes in equipping students not just with the skills required to ace exams, but also with the skills necessary to becoming a successful adult. His aim is to give students the language and thinking skills that can help them find their way through the modern world, and as a result, enable them to do well in school.

As a teenage student, Kevin was always labelled as a 'slacker' (one who hates hard work) and thus understands some of the habits and excuses of 'lazy' students. As a teacher, Mr Seah sees the wisdom of the teachers who have taught him – people who were (and are) careful to pay attention to the development of the entire human being, not just the academic being.

One of Mr Seah's favourite classroom activities is to engage students in a heated debate about a contemporary issue, guiding the discussion gently until a student asks, "We're constructing another essay outline, aren't we?"

As a former editor of English textbooks and assessment books, Mr Seah also recognises the value of structured exercises, and does not neglect crucial exam skills.