Nanyang Technological University - National Institute of Education (NTU - NIE),

Temasek Junior College (TJC)

BSc with Diploma in Education (1st Class Honours)

1) Winner of Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal

2) Winner of National Science & Technology Board (aka A*STAR) Gold Medal

Chung Cheng High School,

Dunman Secondary School

Note: Mr Andrew Kang also served as a training officer at MOE HQ Teachers' Training & Development Division.

Full time private tutor

'O' Level Physics Tuition,

'O' Level Combined Science (Physics) Tuition,

Lower Secondary Science (Physics) Tuition

The Physics Lab Singapore

1 Marine Parade Central #04-07 Singapore 449408


How does 95% of our students scoring a minimum B3 and above, with over 70% achieving a distinction for GCE ‘O’ Level Physics sound to you? BUT most importantly, MANY of these students joined us only 5-8 months before their actual exams, often struggling with dismal grades from E8 to C5!!!

Come attend a free trial lesson* with Mr Andrew – voted by teacher and students alike as the ‘Most Engaging & Innovative Teacher’” over 3 consecutive years for his passion in teaching Physics and being brilliant at making the subject ‘Come Alive’ through intriguing demos & experiments, brain-based learning strategies etc before he resigned as a Senior Teacher after 17 years of excellent service with the Ministry of Education (MOE).

With skilful and engaging delivery of key concepts (thus enabling effective reinforcement), supplement of comprehensive learning materials, establishment of strong rapport with students and proven records of high distinction rates achieved, Mr Andrew is undeniably one of the best & highly sought-after Physics teachers.

Besides having graduated with 1st Class Honours and won multiple academic awards (including the LKY Gold medal for being the top student in the Science Faculty and the NSTB (aka A*Star) Gold Medal for best dissertation), he also served as an ex-MOE HQ Staff Training Officer during which he contributed significantly to the professional development of our school teachers.

Other than helping students to achieve excellent results, Mr Andrew also has a deep-seated belief in nurturing youth and is equally passionate about fostering a strong interest as well self-confidence in the learning of Physics ....... read about testimonies furnished by both students and parents at our website!

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