National University of Singapore (NUS),

Durham University

MSc in Particles, Strings and Cosmology,

BSc (Physics) - Honours With Highest Distinction

Part time private tutor

'A' Level H2/H3 Physics Tuition


I specialize in 1-1 home tuition, having accrued 4 years of relevant experience thus far. Students can expect the following:

• The general outline surrounding each chapter being first reviewed (this typically spanning 1-2 lessons) before we proceed to work on tutorials - more time may be allocated if the individual's grasp of the specific subject matter is deemed somewhat lacking.

• Topical summaries distributed together with lecture notes collated from top JCs and/or my personal notes to augment the learning process. Upon completion of the required syllabus, past year preliminary examination practice papers will then be furnished to engender further overall reinforcement alongside getting one ready for the actual 'A' Levels.

• Largely interactive lessons, where back-and-forth questioning/discussions are conducted on the spot to facilitate the proper assimilation of key concepts then and there.

Last but not least, I would be most happy to help clarify queries that arise after official lesson hours via Whatsapp at no additional cost.