Actual presentation slides shown to students during CCE lesson on Israel-Hamas conflict

Controversy erupted when it became known that the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict was the focal point of a recent character and citizenship education (CCE) lesson; several parents subsequently took to social media to register their unease alongside discontent with both the lesson material and manner in which their kids were being imbibed - some even dispatched emails/open letters directly to the Education Minister himself, citing how certain individuals in school ended up being censured for trying to remedy factual inaccuracies ("They claimed that any attempts by students to correct misinformation had been “ignored, shut down or, worse, punished”. Straits Times, Feb 24).

The Ministry of Education (MOE) thus, in an official press release, sought to assuage all stakeholders it strove to provide learners with "a safe space to understand the complex situation, develop their own views, appreciate the diverse perspectives involved, discern the information about the issue, and understand the situation from Singapore's perspectives, including the need to preserve our cohesion and harmony", whilst also pledging to fine-tune lesson takeaways based on different age groups and provide teachers with greater support insofar as deliverance of knowledge surrounding such sensitive topics is concerned.

In any case, appended below is the entire package of actual presentation slides used for your scrutiny. Personally, we felt they were done up pretty well and had put forth a fair, dispassionate recounting of events. What do you reckon?


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