National University of Singapore (NUS),

Anderson Junior College (AJC),

Bukit Panjang Govt. High School

BSc in Life Sciences (Honours - Highest Distinction)

Full time private tutor

'O' Level Chemistry Tuition,

IP Chemistry Tuition

GenieHUT Chemistry Tuition


I have encountered numerous students who struggle with Chemistry. They find it difficult to get their desired grades . For some getting a pass becomes a challenge. Getting the student interested in the subject will go a long way in aiding their understanding of concepts, thus making learning more enjoyable. Under my tutelage, I am certain that my students will be infected with the zeal and passion for the subject. I am able to simplify complicated concepts into simple ideas for students to appreciate and apply, thus making learning easy. Insofar as the student is willing, I am confident in improving the student's grade, as most, if not all my students, have shown significant improvement in their grades.

I believe that understanding is key to doing well for any subject. A solid understanding coupled with effective answering techniques is fundamental for obtaining an A. That, together with lots of practice, instant feedback and correction, is the perfect recipe for success. Past year papers and LOTS OF supplementary questions with solutions will be provided as a form of additional practice for students. With a newly found appreciation of the subject, understanding come naturally. Content mastery becomes a breeze, learning will never be the same again.

Being significantly younger than most school teachers, I am able to better relate to students, as I myself am a student not too long ago. That camaraderie and rapport that I build with my student makes each lesson fun and interesting. My students always enjoy my lesson (at least that's what they tell me) :)

Being one of the top students in NUS, I can also safely say that, I know the effective way to study. I know the best way to ace examinations and I will impart that to all my students.