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My approach: Zero rote learning/memorization (which doesn't work anyway) coupled with genuine understanding (which does).

**Not Answering the Question**

The candidate who simply memorizes lists of definitions, formulae, and examples often rushes blindly into regurgitating his/her memorized (and limited) store of content. He/she does so because he/she is unable to comprehend what the underlying demands of the question and thus wastes time spewing irrelevant rubbish.

The Cambridge Examiner Reports (written by those marking A-Level Economics exams) make these criticisms of candidates:

• *rehearsed answer[s] which...[do] not address the question as set*;

• *tended to concentrate on ‘textbook’ explanations...without applying relevant...concepts to the question set*;

• *tendency to attempt to apply the formula mechanically to the data with no evidence of understanding*

**Critical Thinking**

Consequently I endeavor to teach my students to genuinely understand the material and think critically for themselves.

Not accept anything as truth just because I or their teachers or anyone else said so. Make sure the assertions and arguments make sense to you. Grasp their flaws. Recreate the arguments from first principles.