Unvaxxed mother and two daughters turned away at Edusave award ceremony

Image Credit: Ministry of Health Singapore

This past Sunday my two daughters (ages 16 and 9) and I went to the Changi Simei community centre in our neighbourhood for the Edusave award ceremony.

The invitation letters my daughters received made no mention whatsoever of vaccination-differentiated safe management measures (VDS) being implemented onsite.

Because I am unvaccinated, I was denied entry; a supervisor was subsequently called forth to engage with me.

Long story short, the three of us never managed to get past the main entrance on account we were all unvaccinated - instead my daughters simply had their certificates handed to them there and then.

What truly pissed me off was that despite not being physically permitted to attend the actual ceremony, we were later still "ushered" in to have photographs taken with the guest of honour who was apparently some big shot politician. Double standards much?

In light of this most unsavoury incident, my elder girl is now thinking twice about enrolling into a polytechnic or junior college, lest she suffers similar discriminatory episodes in the future.

My younger one (it was her first award by the way) felt so utterly disheartened she didn't want to return to school ever again.

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