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► Parents call to revamp Ministry of Education over PSLE concerns, comments on Chan Chun Sing’s FB post

► Parents upset over tough math questions on PSLE, tears shed

► Parents call out “new kind of stress” in new PSLE scoring system for students aiming top grades, though benefiting average students

► Chan Chun Sing: Mental health lessons to be rolled out to students, netizens say ‘schools need more counselors, not modules’

► MOH: ‘No plans yet’ to require vaccination-differentiated safe measures for kids 12 & younger

► S’pore students can now access full list of international universities require vaccination in real-time

► MOH denies that children who have COVID are separated from their parents when travelling

Rice Media

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► Standard of 2021 PSLE math paper 'comparable' to past years': S'pore Examinations & Assessment Board

► How to solve 2021 PSLE maths exam question about Helen's & Ivan's coins?

► ‘I’ve to pinch myself’: Getting into university a surreal experience for N-level student with epilepsy

► NTU students, who are in the west, cosplay 'Journey to the West' for Halloween, eat vegetarian food

► Gojek lets students take full creative control of campaigns. This is the end product.

► 17-year-old crowdfunds on Twitter after parents who think poly students 'have no future' refuse to pay school fees

► Sugarbook user alleges teacher advertised herself as 'sugar baby', complains to MOE

► Online learning platform allows students to donate to charity when redeeming rewards

► MOE to progressively roll out mental health lessons for primary, secondary & pre-uni students