I'm seriously contemplating ratting out my group mates

By palms-sweaty

For the 4th semester in a row I'm forced to lead a group project and do almost everything by myself. Many of my messages within the group chat being deliberately left unread notwithstanding, I am getting exceptionally weary of everyone not giving two hoots about deadlines (fyi I ain't the slightest bit demanding nor pushy). Seemingly, my group mates would rather wait until the very last minute before getting down to work, or they're just simply hoping I'd go all the way solely on their behalf.

This time round I plan on compiling all necessary evidence to unequivocally demonstrate how uncooperative they have been, but is it even worthwhile? Truth be told marks awarded based on individual contribution are rather insignificant and I'm not sure if my lecturer would do anything about it despite me pouring out my grievances. However, the idea of folks piggybacking off my efforts yet again pisses me monumentally so I'm seriously contemplating ratting them out. Agh bummer.


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