Australian Graduate: Singaporeans have a fear of failure and also suck at networking

By hoitytoiletty

I am from the Australian education system - that's right, preparatory all the way to university - Aussies aren't better skilled or more creative, they are just more motivated by the stuff they put their hearts and souls into.

I find Singaporeans to be generally quite intelligent and they do know their shit, but it doesn't expand beyond that. Like an accountant, he/she will strictly adhere to general book keeping tasks (payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivables etc) - nope, no further venturing into unexplored territory. An equivalent Aussie accountant will be dreaming up ways to innovate the work flow, if it isn't already being done or seek areas in which to add value to his/her role within the company. In IT, things are also rather similar: a Singaporean network engineer will stick to the boundaries of his job scope his/her entire life and bitch about foreign talents taking over his/her rice bowl, why his/her remuneration wouldn't rise for a protracted period yada yada yada. An Aussie network engineer instead will devise ways to implement security systems, storage, applications, project managing so on and so forth - well the sky's the limit as far as he/she is concerned .

Also, truth be told, Aussies are much more willing to take risks and typically possess that "I'll try it, and if I fail, f**k it, I'll just try it again or move on and try something else" spirit.

Singaporeans on the other hand have this fear of failure programmed deep within their consciousness, possibly because of the brutal examination system they were subjected to since young, and it affects them later on in life; only do what is required of them and no more. Pretty sad state of affairs. :(

Adding to that, no offense but Singaporeans suck at socializing and networking endeavors, perhaps this is attributable to the dominant presence of an "every man for himself" culture in the little red dot; frankly speaking Singaporeans generally don't help one other out at work, rather, they work against one other!


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