Bomb prank by YIJC student: tongue-in-cheek or deplorable?

A widely circulated video that showed a Yishun Innova Junior College (YIJC) student dressed in an Arabian thobe (with keffiyeh draped over head) tossing an unknown black satchel into a classroom has understandably gotten many netizens riled up. The incident purportedly transpired on 21 July, when annual Racial Harmony Day was observed across Singapore - a day when students are permitted to attend classes wearing ethnic outfits in commemoration of the occasion. Ensuing angry chatter which erupted on social media dissed the perpetrator not unexpectedly; while some squarely blamed the school for not doing enough to pre-empt such abhorrent conduct, others attributed the offending individual's antics to him being impressionable or immature, maybe perhaps just plain attention-seeking. Herein two major questions lie: bona fide racist or not? How should he be censured/punished? Check out the general court of public opinion as collated from Facebook:

Editor's Note: According to mainstream news reports, a police report was lodged and a teenager has been brought in to assist with investigations.


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