I seriously regretted dropping out of secondary school.

A young lady (who prefers to be known as Amber Keshire) dropped out of school at the tender age of 15, and has greatly regretted doing so. In a soul-baring post written last month online, she came clean about her fears and hopes to start life anew:

"I am 19 this year. I dropped out of school during sec 2 as well. At first, my mom totally objected to me dropping out but my father who thought that at 15, (I was retained for a year in sec 1) I should make my own decisions whether they were right or not. He did advise that I do not drop out saying that I'll regret it blah blah blah.

If you are ready to read my wall of text then... carry on ^^

The day I left school with all my things taken from the locker, I felt like I was the happiest kid in the world. I stood in front of the school with my cigarette in hand together with some school friends at 7.30am before flag raising (that I didn't have to ever attend anymore) and said loudly: " I swear to never come back to this hell hole" before leaving.

Ironically, I regretted it 3 years later.

Its not about the "education" or the "certifications"; i don't need that. But what I missed were the chances to make friends and socialize. We did meet to lepak every now and then but when it was nearing the exams, I found myself feeling very lonely since the rest of the clique attended remedial classes and study sessions together.

After attending June holidays camps, they always came back with many stories and those stories made me feel sour on the inside because it sounded like a lot of fun yet I missed all of those fun. A year later, due to their school and work schedule, one by one they contacted me lesser. After the 'N'/'O' levels, most of them went to the same poly or ITE and looking at their Facebook posts, they sure seemed to be enjoying school despite the heavy work load blah blah blah.

At the age of 18 I went for a pet shop assistant job interview and whilst filling in the forms, the "education" part seemed very empty... also, as the boss went through point by point of the form he was like "Ohh so you worked at .... and you studied at ......... eh? You drop out ah? "

I am actually quite lucky because my dad runs his own company so I worked for him temporarily till I found employment as a full time DJ; the forms I was required to fill in did not go beyond asking for my personal particulars.

So yes, I regretted dropping out. Really regretted it. But I am taking my 'O' levels next year. Already commenced my revision this year.. however 4 years of not studying... brain rusted quite a bit, therefore it will take plenty of hard work and motivation to to get back into the swing of things....."


The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 20 November 2013


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