Student from top JC: I absolutely abhor our 'A' Level system

By SeaworthinessFirm820

I am currently a student at a top-tier JC; to be frank I absolutely abhor our 'A' Level system. I used to enjoy studying and learning whilst in secondary school, not anymore though.

Insofar as academic rigour is concerned, things go beyond crazy to say the least. During the initial months of enrollment I felt genuinely productive, waking up at 5.30am like clockwork and being able to hit them books for at least 6 hours every day, no problemo. Fast forward to the present moment, I can't remain focused, not even for just 2 short hours. Perhaps I have already fizzled out big time, given my predilection for inertia ie sleeping away endlessly whenever possible (apart from attending classes that is). I now dread tearing myself out of bed, knowing that much still needs to be done, always. How I wish I could just dwell in slumberland without ever, ever being roused till kingdom come....

Sure, I can appreciate it's part and parcel of life, therefore one should somehow endeavor to be independent - then again this almost entirely hands-off edification "process" hardly suits my learning style. We are pretty much left to view recorded lecture videos on our own, which in honesty struck me as nothing more than mere, rather unhelpful verbal rehashes of the lecture notes themselves. During tutorial sessions, tutors would simply flash answers onscreen and twiddle their thumbs thereafter; even more exasperating is the fact they often do not bother to ACTUALLY MARK the assignments meted out!

Ineffective tutelage aside, the exceedingly hefty curricula gets dumped upon us wholesale in a rapid-fire blur, which meant we were never able to properly internalize stuff before the next bombshell topic dropped. Rinse and repeat, it inevitably becomes an eternal, vicious cycle of playing catch-up.

If you must know, I operate as a lone wolf on campus, in large part due to my self-diagnosed depression spurring isolationist tendencies, yours sincerely possessing poor social skills notwithstanding. No sir, I don't vibe with any single soul - not from my civics group, nor the CCA I signed up for. Folks behave indifferently towards me, and vice versa.

Anyways, back to my main point. I strongly opine that the sucky manner of academic instruction I have been subjected to thus far isn't unique to my school, but rather a systemic issue plaguing all pre-university institutions across the board. Might some JC kid be brave enough to step forth to corroborate this sentiment of mine?


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