Might a diploma holder really be less poised for success in life?

By chamomileicedtea

Second year polytechnic student here - initially I was set on enrolling into the National Institute of Education (NIE) as it has always been my dream to become a teacher, however on account of my rather mediocre GPA attained thus far (which is hovering around 2.5 btw) I reckon the likelihood of this ever actually happening is fast dissipating. Also, considering whatever I am studying right now is already beyond me at times, I feel doubtful about being able to cope well in university, where the difficulty level of modules taught will definitely go up a few notches.

Alternatively I could opt for the student care/early childhood educator pathway, but that would mean me having to switch courses. Upon discussing the matter with my parents and making them cognizant of the possibility I might not attempt a degree thereafter, they went bonkers and raged at moi incessantly. No way in hell are you skipping university young lady, came their firm, repeated exhortation.

Suffice to say, my mind is residing in a state of sheer ambivalence right now. Might a diploma holder really be less poised for success in life, pray tell?


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