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The Independent

► Gerald Giam calls for education reform as National exams induce tremendous amounts of stress on students

► NUS students leave their laptops overnight to “chope” seats in library

► SG science student rants about non-science students for “not knowing simple things” and then deletes her video after netizens call her “arrogant” and “condescending”

► Jamus Lim makes case for better care for individuals on autism spectrum

► University of the Arts logo under fire for lack of creativity and “lazy” concept

► Yet another primary school Math question stumps netizens

► Chan Chun Sing challenges Singapore’s Taylor Swift fans; offers a day off if they can get the singer to perform in their schools

► School seems to take Chan Chun Sing’s joke seriously and asks students to pen an appeal to Taylor Swift to visit their school

Yahoo! Singapore

► Singapore youths suffering from depression, anxiety missed 24 days of school on average: study

► Singapore students top global rankings for reading, but fewer enjoy it

► COMMENT: Singapore’s kiasu gang must break addiction to exams


► I Took A Gap Year To Stop Myself From Dropping Out Of Uni & Accidentally Landed My Dream Job

► “Your Kids Aren’t Dogs” — 7 Parents In Singapore Share If They’re For Or Against Using Child Leashes

► How I Juggle My Full-Time Job & 4 Kids, With My Youngest Having Hearing Impairment

Wake Up Singapore

► School counsels staff following allegations of racism, alludes to potential legal action against whistle-blower after thanking him for surfacing issues

The Online Citizen Asia

► It all starts with the schools

► Singapore tuition centre owner accused of physical abuse following viral video

► Student campaigners demand transparency and urgent improvements in NTU’s financial aid system

► Singaporean shares experience of being forced to abandon a masters in a local university due to alleged subsidy removal

Kiasu Parents

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► Should Your Teen Get a Holiday or Part-Time Job?

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► My Child Needs Help to Write a Personal Statement! How Do We Start?

The Raffles Press

► A-Level 2023 Features: Just Keep Moving

► Our Canteen Heroes: The People Behind Our Food

► Women in STEM: How It's Going

► Mathemagician: Professor Arthur Benjamin

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► Honouring the Past by Inspiring the Future: RI200 Founder's Day

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