My school invited some sketchy organization over

By IKnowWhoYouReallyAre

During one recent civics tutorial session, my JC had some sketchy organization drop over to conduct a spot of "sharing". I shan't disclose its exact name lest I get accused of doxxing, but basically, this is a Chinese Buddhist charity which helps orphan kids from Africa by providing them shelter, food and education - in exchange, they must learn the Chinese language, convert to Buddhism among other things. So here they were, four African children putting up varied performances (singing/dancing, wushu displays, Tang poem recitals) for our viewing pleasure. At first glance, it seemed kinda sweet, because yay, cultural appreciation right? Wrong. Gradually, them stage theatrics devolved into something resembling those by a well-oiled Communist troupe. To say we felt uncomfortable would be a severe understatement.

If that wasn't already creepy enough, some middle-aged Chinese woman who came in tow (presumably the children's mentor) kept throwing shade at us god knows why. For example, she would yak about the voluminous curricula taught to the African kids, thereafter comparing against our academic workloads before letting out an obvious snigger or two, remarking how we have it easy and stuff. Then there's also how she talked down to her charges, constantly commanding them at her whim. I swore I could see legitimate trepidation swelling within their innocent, confused eyes.

When the 1-hour program wrapped up, teachers went round soliciting student feedback as per routine; unsurprisingly many expressed strong discomfort about what transpired earlier. Hell, even the teachers themselves too voiced concerns. Just so you know, everything was cobbled together at the eleventh hour, even our respective tutors possessed no inkling prior to the actual visitation materializing. They further admitted being given nary any information regarding the program's objectives other than it was initiated courtesy of our school's Chinese department.

Based upon stuff dredged up online, this organization screams CULT. Young beneficiaries get indoctrinated in exchange for basic material fulfillment. An investigative article likened it to cultural imperialism masquerading as a charitable cause, whilst numerous global reports flagged potential human rights violations (yep, it's an international establishment btw).

Thinking back still gives me the willies. Word on the grapevine is there are plans to expose folks studying at our affiliated secondary section to the same harrowing ordeal, seriously wtf???


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