I cried in front of my teacher and everyone, geez that was embarrassing

By meegorengz

Seriously need to heave something off my chest cause it's been bugging me of late.

So the story goes: A few days ago I received my Chemistry exam result which turned out way more atrocious than I possibly imagined. I had invested much effort into studying for the paper - religiously practising ten-year series questions, thoroughly poring over my notes, reviewing every single lesson slide etc.

Truth be told, during the exam itself, I was all nerves. Got too hung up on one particular problem and kinda lost track of time, consequently ended up rushing my ass through everything else.

I knew I ain't going to do well, then again I didn't think I'd flunk so badly. Flipping through the marked script when it came back, I discovered several misconstrued questions, not to mention having gotten my facts mixed up here a little, there a little.

Then it happened. One very tiny tear trickled down my cheek; as I swatted that away more sprung from my eyes. I struggled to hold my composure, this whilst I penned corrections which my teacher dictated aloud. I guessed she noticed, because she requested me to step outside the classroom afterwards.

Upon being probed, I couldn't hold it in any longer and bawled my eyes right out, in plain sight of folks walking along the aisle. Between sobs, I lamented about never attaining a B4 grade ever, yet my parents expected at least a B3. What terrified even more was the ensuing thought of them flying into a rage and giving me a good dressing-down when they learn of my magnificent failure.

She gently patted my shoulder, saying I could always look her up at the school staff room if I needed someone to confide in. How very sweet of her, I almost felt much better. I really did. Regardless, crying in public....geez I sure as hell embarrassed myself.

Okey doke, am signing off here. Thanks for tolerating my silliness btw.


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