I don't deserve a B for Project Work (PW)

By f**kprojectwork

I know, the title makes me sound like some self-entitled f**k; please forgive me if I am going to sound elitist in this little rant of mine. I thought I could get over this but I really can't, and seeing everyone talk about it this in the past week has triggered a slew of strong emotions inside me that I seriously can't bottle up any further.

I'm a student from RI and my school has an insanely good track record when it comes to acing PW. I've done my due diligence, as well as put both heart and soul into this f**king piece of shit of a subject. I carried my teammates whenever they were busy. I have consulted my teacher on countless occasions (kudos to her because she's really nice and previously helped many score distinction for it).

So, unlike many who have something to blame - be it their school's low distinction rate, their inept teacher or simply their own glaring lack of personal effort, I have none. It makes things even worse because nothing went wrong, yet I still ended up with the much dreaded B grade... in a school where that puts you among the minority of minorities!


This is not the life I want. It never rains but pours.

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