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► ‘Money can’t buy class’ — Netizens condemn Bentley driver who tried to run down school security officer

► In Parliament: NCMP Leong Mun Wai says some teachers have already started practicing Vaccination Differentiated Safe Management Measures in schools

► Netizen calls Chan Chun Sing ‘xiasuay’ as Education Minister recounts funny incident from school visit

► Scarred for life: NYP student begins Googling answer to teacher’s question, forgets she’s sharing screen

► Chan Chun Sing’s post on guided tour by students of Jurong Secondary School receives both praises and skepticism

► Minister tells Madrasah students to be flexible, and resilient to face future challenges

► Are there way too many exams?

► Mum alleges daughter was denied university degree sponsorship due to SGH’s nursing manpower crunch

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► When Halal Food and Institutional Obligations Collide

► New Year New Us: A Case for a Better Work Environment by Youths

► Studying Design Isn’t Only for the Privileged. These Two Designers Prove It

► Will Asian Parents Ever Embrace a Streaming Career? supercatkei Says Yes.

► An Open Letter to My Parents About My Passive Suicidal Ideation

► What’s Bra Colour Got to Do With Anything?

► Too Little Too Late: Social Restrictions Have Pushed These Youths Out

Wake Up Singapore

► Youth Of Singapore, It’s Time To Rise

► 3 years ago, I got BECCA for my A Levels

► NYJC Sex Ed letter promoting heterosexuality and nuclear families garners criticism

► “Why should I donate to you?” – NTU student’s fundraiser draws mixed reactions

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► Netizens Praise 2 Kids Who Bowed at Vehicle for Stopping at Zebra Crossing For Them to Cross

► Polytechnics Will Soon Allow Students to Spread Out Studies Beyond the Typical 3 Years

► Education Minister Responds to Video of Bentley Driver Forcing His Way Into School in Bedok

► Polytechnic & ITE Nitec Fees to Increase for New S’porean Students for This Year’s Intake

► NUS Student Claims Sengkang Eatery Contacted Her School After She Wrote a Bad Review

► NUS Students from Low-Income Families Won’t Need to Pay Any Tuition Fee from Aug 2022

► S’pore Parent Looks for Tutor to Teach 2YO Toddler Maths, Geography & Other Subjects

► MP Suggests Having ‘Expiry Date’ for Degrees That Need to be Renewed Every 5 Years by Attending Courses

► MP Who Suggested Having ‘Expiry Date’ on Degree Apologises for the Misunderstanding

► Netizens Praise ‘Shy’ Student in S’pore Who Gave Balanced Views of the Russia-Ukraine War

► SAJC Student’s Rap in TikTok to Garner Votes for Student Council Garnered Support from Internet Instead

► TikTok Sensation Priyanka Voted into SAJC Student Council After Her Viral TikTok Rap

► There Will be No More Mid-Year Exams for All Primary & Secondary School Students from 2023

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► PSLE Preparation Begins In Primary 5

► Your Teen is in Secondary 4 and Needs CCA Points? It’s Not Too Late!

► How to improve your child’s processing speed?

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