My JC classmate created a list ranking girls based on their looks

By vviia

Fyi my class comprises 17 females and only 6 males (is this typical of JC hybrid classes?). Anyways one of the guys created a list ranking us girls based on our physical attractiveness and circulated it around - somehow, though, the entire cohort eventually got wind of this and suffice to say, things exploded. Just 12 girls featured in his list, with the culprit brazenly indicating at the bottom of it he didn’t even bothered ranking the remaining five because they simply weren't “worth the effort".

We reported his transgression to our civics tutor and he was disciplined accordingly, however the damage has been done and everyone is still gossiping about that "infamous" list. These days when I move around in school it seems as if people are always looking at and judging me. Paranoia aside, I am also feeling genuinely creeped out. Argh damn you jerkball.


This is not the life I want. It never rains but pours.

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