To those who did badly in the 'O' Levels.....

By whenithinkofthings

I know it sucks. Everyone is cheering and clapping, except you. Your parents are immensely disappointed to say the least, while you can't even bear to pore over the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) booklet because it just reminds you of how miserably you fared.

Many reckon the 'O' Levels don't mean much in the larger scheme of things, but I know how much they do (to you) at this point in time. Because back when I was studying in secondary 4, the 'O' Levels was my whole f**king world and it seemed that doing well in them would bring me much success in life. I couldn't care less about what folks said to comfort me on screwing up "monumentally".

Years have passed since and I'd guess I have experienced life a little more. Among those whom I knew aced the 'O's - some propelled themselves to even higher echelons of achievement; on the contrary others mucked up, inconceivable as it may seem.

Then there were those who had those terrible 'O' Level grades etched in their minds forever, who recalled how despondent they felt - truth be told I also knew a few who used this setback to push forward, to work much harder because they didn't ever want to feel so shitty again. Guess what? these toughies are now on a roll.

Returning to your present circumstance, I am well aware it f**king hurts, but it should hurt. You must feel that intensely raw, unpleasant f**ked up sense of being gnawing away. Because if there's anything that's going to make you remember this day, it's about the tears you shed upon receiving notice of your piss poor grades. But after crying your heart out tonight, really wake up and move on. You shall henceforth do whatever it takes to ensure no more FUBARs of this magnitude arise.


Am already so stressed studying for the 'O' Levels, how to survive JC?

PSLE :It’s NOT ok to fail

"If you don’t study hard, you will become a ______________ when you grow up"