A disgusting encounter at my school toilet

By Itchy_Budget1395

As I approached, a faint, but noticeable odor began wafting down the hallway. The closer I got, the stronger the stench grew. With a sense of foreboding, I pushed open the heavy door and stepped through. What greeted me turned out beyond what I had feared.

The restroom was in a state of utter disrepair. The floor damp and sticky, replete with discarded paper towels alongside bits of trash. The stalls, some sporting doors hanging loosely on their hinges, had graffiti strewn over. The sinks reeked of soap scum as well as dirt, while mirrors were smeared and streaked. The worst part, however, must be none other than the actual latrines themselves. One in particular was evidently clogged (not to mention overflowing), another hasn't been flushed since god knows when....regardless they all stunk to high heaven.

I froze, momentarily incapacitated by the absolutely horrific scene unfolding then and there. A most potent combination comprising old urine plus mildew stirred my gag reflexes. The first instinct was to leave immediately, however an almost uncontainable urge to do a number 2 forced my hand, or should I say, my butt. Mustering whatever courage within, I trepidly entered the stall that outwardly appeared least nightmarish.

I opted for the hover method, desperate to avoid touching the toilet seat. Yikes, how it required such onerous gymnastics manoeuvres in order to stay "above things".

Afterwards, I walked to a grimy sink which offered scant solace. An empty dispenser, no tissues. Just great. I scrubbed my hand fervently under water, before almost tripping on my hurried way out.


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