I am giving serious thought to cutting my dad out of my life altogether

By Proper-Strategy-8158

17 male here, parents divorced long ago. Recently got into a heated discussion with my dad about the tuition fees needed in preparation for my 'A' Levels next year, as well as those foreseeably incurred when I eventually enrol into university. He outright refused to pay for majority of them (fyi his financial situation is more than stable); if my estimations serve me right the total amount would constitute only a small fraction of his monthly paycheck.

The only private tutoring lessons he agreed to continue financing are the cheapest (costing around $500 a month for 4 lessons) - which btw I had already planned on stopping in March 2024. His main justification? Since I was already studying at a “top-tier” junior college, my school should be able to provide me with ample academic support/resources and hence there's no genuine need to seek external tutelage. But guess what? In all honesty, both my JC teachers and administrators suck balls big time.

Sheesh, how on earth I ended up with such an extremely selfish father is truly beyond any fathomability. Not to mention that he hasn't been physically around ever since he got himself a spanking new girlfriend.

Right this moment, I am seething with rage. Right this moment, I am also giving serious thought to cutting him out of my life altogether. PERMANENTLY.


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