I signed a contract with my parents to continue staying in their house

By jaslyn__

Since I was 8 years old, I had to abide by the following rules laid out by my wonderful parents:

1. Attend at least two hours of tuition a day, 7 days a week. This was propositioned in a contract I had to sign with them which defined conditions for my continued stay in their house. If I breached any single condition I will have privileges taken away such as use of a smartphone or access to a computer (even for homework assignments).

2. Attend piano lessons at least twice a week.

3. I was to report to "the desk" within 30 minutes of reaching home and after dinner to commence self study sessions. My beloved mother installed CCTVs everywhere and monitored things via an app to make sure I complied. If I was caught dosing off she would rouse me from slumber with a call from her office and have my ass hitting the books once more.

The years when I attempted the PSLE, 'O' and 'A' Levels were prolonged periods of psychological warfare pitting my lone self against them. Threats and beatings abound. Cracked an orbital once after my mother shoved me into the desk and I fell hard.

The worst punishments I'd reckon ever happened to moi? Being confined indoors on weekends.....it's pretty much sitting still and studying non-stop from 8am to 11pm with intermittent meal breaks.

My mother actually announced the contract shall remain in effect even after I enrolled in university, and I went: "f**k you very much."


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