Fear as an effective teaching tool? Nah, not as far as I am concerned

By FlightCrewXYZ

Personally, fear never worked for me, what would have been effective however for someone of my temperament is a reward system. Growing up, my parents, especially my mother, were condescending creatures who employed fear and acted, for lack of a better word, crassly on most occasions. I rarely got what I wanted, not to mention always getting chided for the trivialest things. It was only when I physically outgrew them did they begin according me greater respect as well as giving me more pocket money to buy stuff I hankered after. A terrible shame, to say the least. The damage has been done though, I never got past viewing them as shallow, artificial folks no matter how nice they treated me subsequently.

Regardless, I don't harbour any ill feelings now and definitely do not wish anything nasty to befall both of them, they are still my kin after all. It's just that character and personality wise, if we had no blood relations, I most certainly wouldn't want to get acquainted with either one. Guess this best sums up my underlying sentiment.


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