Are my parents being overprotective, or am I overthinking it?

By ayowth_777

As the title suggests, I don't know whether my parents (especially my mum) are being overprotective of me.

For starters, I only learnt how to get home on my own when I was studying in Secondary 2. And no, I ain't kidding. The reason? Because mummy dearest was somehow very afraid I might lose my way owing to a nascent, still inadequate sense of direction. Fair enough, I can live with that.

Next, I was finally permitted to hang out with friends without parental supervision beginning the end of last year, although both my folks once again lingered in the same shopping mall as my bestie and I when we caught the Barbie movie together earlier this July (they didn't outright intrude, hence I couldn't say I really was mad at them - then again it got me concerned how they were willing to drop everything at work just to follow me around).

Whenever I am outside she expects me to text her every single hour, even going to the extent of activating the ‘Find My IPhone’ app on my handset, which for the uninitiated produces this extremely loud sound which embarrasses the helluva moi in public at times. After the 'O' Levels, some classmates invited me to join them for a BBQ session at East Coast Park (which btw happens to be located far, far away from where I reside); upon asking my mum whether I could attend, she yelled "No" emphatically, before sobbing away hysterically and conjuring up at least 5 worst-case scenarios that might befall myself if I disobeyed her wishes. Needless to say, I acquiesced. It was only much later on that I discovered she had bawled her eyes out in an attempt to guilt-trip me into not going. Guess she succeeded big time.

Am I overreacting? Oh well, I don't know. To be fair, my mum has sacrificed so much for me, the least I could do is show some appreciation toward her efforts as a daughter and not always stand up to her over the slightest thing. I have tried, nevertheless I feel rather torn apart inside. Argh, wth. Anyways, thanks to those of you for reading my rant and good day.


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