I have a love-hate relationship with my parents

By ZRudd97

Whilst growing up my dad who possessed deep-seated anger issues would physically abuse me almost daily and I resent him for it till this day. He has since apologized albeit with a rather insincere ‘what’s the big deal given things happened so long ago’ rejoinder which left me ambivalent to say the least.

He doesn’t seem to realise that those years of abuse inadvertently caused me a number of psychological problems that I often still struggle to deal with even as an adult. For one, my self-esteem hits rock bottom ever so often no thanks to the excessive berating previously endured, not to mention I myself now also have problems controlling my anger.

My mum, on the other hand, chose to be ignorant from the get-go. She’s very traditional and superstitious, as such whenever something bad happens she immediately concludes it’s the work of the devil or some marauding black magic. She’s very religious too (frankly there's nothing wrong with that) and pompously opines our religion and way of life is better than everyone else’s.

I’m just glad I neither think nor behave like them, regardless they’re still my parents and I do love them; sometimes though I wonder how I’d feel if they were gone one day. Being very upset of course aside, might a sense of unburdenment also wash over?


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