More Young Folks Suffering From Mental Illness: A Personal Opinion

By gottaname

An increasing number of young folks are being afflicted with mental illness ( Straits Times: More young people seeking help for mental health issues ); personally I feel this is arising because we're encountering a future largely rooted in uncertainty and there is hardly a plausible recourse in sight-not now, not for a very long time to come.

Back then it was simple - attain academic certifications, get married, purchase a HDB flat, have kids, subsequently pass on due to old age or illness. Not to mention the means by which these milestones can be achieved were extremely formulaic.

Fast forward to today, kids and the young are still being groomed using mindsets of the past, yet upon reaching adulthood they discover a world which is vastly different from what they were told existed. Nobody actually knows the solutions to combating the rising costs of living or job security issues. Not our parents, nor our leaders know what the hell to do except to remain stuck on the pathway established by previous generation of leaders and forefathers.

And then we have the internet, which by the way is an infinite, ever growing trove of information - reality check: do you possess the mental fortitude to parse them bits and bytes in a meaningful manner? The proliferation of social media has also made people more competitive and apathetic towards others, thus the manifestation of cyber-bullying and other nasty shit happening in the virtual realm.

Bottom line is millennials are living in an era where the world is in a rapid state of flux and ever changing to fit an undetermined emerging narrative.

Perhaps in another decade or two when those hailing from generation Z and beyond come up with coping mechanisms for current trends, we might witness a decline in the number of sufferers.


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