Screwed up my 'O' Level Chinese exam, H1 Chinese in JC now appears unavoidable

By willigettonyjc

Yours sincerely obtained a D7 for the mid-year GCE 'O' Level Chinese examination and was therefore made to resit in November - still, I highly doubt I would achieve anything better than a C6....

Frankly, I have zilch idea how my relationship with Chinese deteriorated to the point of almost no return. I scored a B at the PSLE; going forward I thought I would do just fine as long as I studied the subject on occasion (ie review new vocabulary/idioms plus previously completed email writing assignments which were already marked for an hour or so once a month).

Surprisingly, I can speak rather fluent Mandarin. However, I would turn into a complete bumbling, incoherent idiot when tasked with putting pen to paper.

Till this day, I also find myself often struggling with enunciating an embarrassingly huge bevy of Chinese characters.

As a Chinese I kinda feel ashamed that I suck terribly at my mother tongue despite having been exposed to it for over 10 whole years. Guess my ancestors would be sorely disappointed too if they witnessed me in such a sorry state.

Right now, there's nearly no escaping H1 Chinese being shoved down my throat upon entering junior college, then again hopefully I would be able to secure a passing grade so I needn't repeat things again in JC2. Oh well 🙏.


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