Does hard work really guarantee success in Singapore?

By AckermanFin

Since young, we have always been told that we must work hard in order to become rich and successful. Ask around how those who made it big time got to where they are, the words “hard work” crop up more often than not. Teachers at school constantly reminded us to hit the books, while our bosses would holler: “Add oil and haul ass!”

Then again, do you think working hard really guarantees success? If not, what does?

Unless you are a real estate agent or financial adviser, or perhaps taking on a sales-related role where there’s no ceiling to how much you can earn, hard work doesn’t seem as appealing since the payback probably ain't going to be anywhere commensurate with the amount of effort invested.

IMO one's ability to network matters more than anything. Sure you can slog away till the cows come home, but if you don’t know the right people, your chances of being seen and in turn getting elevated in society will be vastly diminished.

So yes, I believe hard work is overrated; networking on the other hand is king. Now tell me I am wrong.


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