Advice for fresh grads: don’t join the public service

Case in point: compared to where I’m at now (in the private sector that is), there’s already a > 3k pay gap awaiting folks just starting out, this widening to almost 7k within a short span of 3-4 years. Glaring wage disparity aside, career progression is also near non-existent no thanks to scholars being prioritized over you. Perhaps if you hang around long enough you might be rewarded for being loyal, but at what cost? By the time you make director or become somebody you probably already have one foot in the grave.

While your peers draw 5 figure salaries you will only be privy to eventual wage stagnation with a bonus package that fluctuates according to the whims of the economy. Particularly if you are a lawyer or accountant, there’s really no need to fixate on the supposedly assured for life “iron rice bowl” bull crap; job security should only rank among one's concerns when he/she brings to the table generic qualifications or skill sets. So leave to broaden your horizons, because nine times out of ten the private sector shall most certainly embrace you. Heed my words and you will be all the better for it, peace out.

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