Big 4 accounting firm offers ridiculously low pay

By Botherhood

The minimum 'A' Level grade profile required for entry into the accountancy course at a local public university is AAB/C. Yet most of them folks graduate to join one of the big 4 accounting firms here earning less than 3k a month.....not to mention working hours are typically from 9 am to midnight? No wonder the attrition rate is so high, with many eventually jumping ship to working at MNCs. I know of some who actually leave within a few weeks.

I looked at this KPMG job advertisement seeking diploma holders (those with tax and accounting knowledge preferred) and just shook my head. They are merely offering 1.2k to 1.4k a month???? The job advertisement even stated outright that one must have the "ability to handle multiple responsibilities in a fast-paced environment." So obviously this ain't going to be a walk in the park gig. High volume of work involving plenty of OTs, probably coupled with minimal rest / off days if I were to further venture an educated guess - essentially it's slaving away for a measly sum of less than 1.5K.

In honesty this is absolutely ridiculous; one could have earned way more flipping burgers at McDonald's anytime.

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