I have been job hunting since February and received zero offers till date

By Melerelepele

I have been job hunting since Feburary, till date the number of offers received total a big fat zero. This despite me consulting a whole slew of career coaches, finetuning my resume time and again, sending out countless cover letters and constantly honing my interviewing skills via the STAR method among other things.

I am seeking a position that is related to artifical intelligence (AI) / machine learning; during inteviews I took extreme pains to lay out in detail how my previous internship stints coupled with major school projects attempted were correspondingly relevant, then again everything appeared to be for naught as I kept being shown the door whether it's by government or private sector hirers. I also tried applying for openings outside of my interest areas, such in embedded software/application engineering, systems integration etc - nevertheless I got zilch responses.

Perhaps it takes a fair bit of time to finally land your desired job as some may contend, therefore I am pursuing various online Udemy courses in a bid to keep myself distracted from all this rejection and (seemingly endless) waiting.

Frankly though, I have grown weary of prepping my arse off for an interview each time only to be subsequently cast aside, often without even knowing the reason. Why is it so damn difficult for fresh graduates to break into the tech industry nowadays? Small wonder more and more folks have thrown in the towel and simply switched to becoming financial advisors or property agents instead.


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