Foreign graduate from dubious university is being paid the same as I am

I graduated recently and was rather fortunate to secure employment at a MNC. As part of the networking protocol initiated by current management, fresh hires were encouraged to mingle with one another - and so I did.

One particular encounter bothered me significantly: I came face to face with an individual of a foreign nationality who graduated from a dubious sounding university abroad; dude is apparently getting paid the same wages as I am. Fyi my company requires a candidate to possess at least a minimum second upper class honours degree to be considered for a position - the fact this foreigner "hailing" from a globally unranked private tertiary institution could simply waltz through the door thus STUNG big time.

Lest you start accusing me of being xenophobic, let me state for the record I am not. I just find it absolutely unacceptable that fresh graduates with credible academic qualifications from local private universities are swept aside in favour of individuals who weren't even born and bred here.

While I do appreciate the need for sustaining Singapore's economic growth, nevertheless it shouldn't happen at the expense of fellow Singaporeans. What's even worse, I discovered many of these so called "managers" feel inclined to hire folks from their own home countries. Our rice bowls being stolen much?

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