Kicked out of a university lecture

By Liza Hall

Subject: Legal studies.

First lecture.

The professor enters the lecture hall.He looks around.

He points to a student. “You there in the 8th row. Can you tell me your name?”

“My name is Sandra,” came the reply.

“Please leave my lecture hall. I don’t want to see you in my lecture.”

Everyone is quiet. The student irritatedly and slowly packs her things before standing up.

“Faster please,” implored the professor.

She doesn’t dare say anything and exited the lecture hall accordingly.

The professor continues to look around.

The participants appear on edge.

“Why are there laws?” he quizzes the group.

Complete silence ensued, with everyone looking at everyone else.

“What are laws for?” came his next question.

“Social order,” someone is heard answering from far back.

Another student opines aloud, “To protect a person’s personal rights.”

Yet another chimes in, “So that you can rely on the state.”

The professor isn't satisfied.

“Justice,” a fourth student calls out.

The professor smiles. She has his attention.

“Thank you very much. Did I behave unfairly towards your classmate earlier?”

Nods were aplenty in the audience.

“Indeed I had. So why didn’t anyone protest?”

“Why didn’t any of you attempt to stop me?”

“Why did no one step forward to prevent this injustice?” he asks.

Nobody responds.

" What you just learned you wouldn’t have understood in 1,000 hours of lectures if you never actually lived it. You kept your mouth shut just because you weren’t affected yourself. This attitude speaks against you as a person; you reckon as long as it doesn’t concern you, it’s therefore none of your business. I’m telling you though, if you don’t say or do anything now, one day you too shall experience injustice and no one will have your back then. Justice is something everyone must fight for, always.


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