International graduate still unemployed after 6 months of job hunting in Singapore

I'm an international student who graduated back in June 2020; after half a year of job hunting, I still haven't received any positive news. This is my first time being unemployed for so long. I previously worked part-time while doing my degree and also undertook 4 internships - of which two lasted 6 months each.

Although I can totally appreciate the point of instituting the SGUnited traineeship program to give locals a much needed leg-up as well as comprehend the measures rolled out by the Singapore government to curb hiring of foreigners, I feel so lost. At present a huge study loan debt looms, this alongside an unfulfilled government bond that I seriously don't know how to contend with. I have been relying on my parents who wire me money to survive one day at a time thus far in one of the world's most expensive nations so that I can continue job hunting.

But no one cares. No one ever cares. I have sought out CFG advisors to no avail - apparently they were completely clueless about affairs concerning the employment of international students, only offering to draft a letter on my behalf so I might be favourably considered when applying for a work pass. This in honesty is hardly helpful, because once folks who are hiring learn I'm a foreigner, they typically slam the door right in my face, my CV and whatnot be damned.

Depression coupled with disappointment are slowly but surely eating away at me, not to mention I might soon become homeless. If there's a god somewhere out there, please show me a way out of this mess. I don't know how much longer I can endure such suffering.

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