We foreign students deserve some help from the Singapore government too

By dismayed soul

Singapore had just rolled out another COVID-19 stimulus package, the fourth of its kind. One particular aspect I found interesting and yet not surprising at the same time were significant incentives doled out to companies for making fresh hires.

In short, the government shall shoulder 20% of monthly salaries paid in the next six months to new local employees who are under the age of 40.I reckon this would in turn make it all the more difficult for foreign students who have studied in Singapore to secure full-time jobs given most firms, as I reasonably assume, would obviously capitalize on this meaty financial lifeline.

It is understandable that Singapore wants and needs to support its citizens. However, as a foreigner who has studied here for three years, at the present moment I am struggling to uncover motivation however scant to work in this country, let alone endure the mentally-draining process of applying to companies. Roughly 25% of the little red dot's workforce is comprised of foreign workers.

Those of us who hail from other parts of the world have without doubt spent time, money, and contributed to Singapore’s economy in one way or another. It’d be great to receive some semblance of tangible support or monetary incentive, so we can feel similarly encouraged. In the meanwhile, the hunt continues despite tougher odds!


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