3 months and $400 for a ‘guaranteed’ Diploma from Uptron ACL?

Less than a week after J P Morgan Executive Director Ramesh Erramalli was in the news for his aggressive attitude towards a security guard, netizens have dug further into his educational background.

According to his LinkedIn profile, which has since been deactivated, Mr. Erramalli had graduated with an Executive MBA from the University of Hull (2009 to 2011) and had earlier obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Computers & Information at Uptron ACL (1994 to 1996).

While there is nothing unusual about this on the surface, an inquisitive netizen Jack Song dug deeper into Uptron ACL and found out that its registered address was at B-96 Wazipur Industrial Area Ring Road in New Delhi – 110052.

Besides the fact that Uptron ACL was sited within an industrial area, it is interesting to note that a school – which purports to teaches IT skills – does not appear to have any online presence. The eagle-eyed netizen thus took it upon himself to look up the school at its address.

Upon reaching the given address, however, the school was nowhere to be found but a business by the name of “Shri Ram Laminators Pvt. Ltd.” was spotted instead. Based on their website, the Shri Ram Laminators calls itself a “Manufacturer, Supplier of Orthopedic Belt Fabric , Helmets Laminated Fabric, EVA Laminated Fabric” that was established in 1991.

In any case, it is rather befuddling that a school would choose to share its premises with a factory and on top of that display no visible signage whatsoever; neither were physical classrooms spotted. Nonetheless,Mr. Song persisted and later managed to locate the school, except that it was located somewhere else at 41 Housing Society, Kotla Mubarakpur:

Posing as a student, Mr. Song managed to ‘enroll’ in a 3-month long diploma for a mere 21,000 rupees (S$403) which includes registration, library and course fees. According to Mr. Song, the school had even promised him a ‘guaranteed’ graduation.

Netizen: Ramesh Erramalli owns 2 BMW 7-series cars

On a related note, one netizen KI Prana Sufi claims to have worked as a security guard at Eight Riversuites some “two years back” and wrote that Ramesh owns not one, but two, BMW 7-series cars and was “super arrogant and snobbish”.

While unemployment, under-employment and retrenchments are creeping up as far as local Singaporeans are concerned, someone who graduated from an unknown school like Uptron ACL could strangely afford a $1.5 million dollar condo alongside 2 high-end luxury cars.

Netizen Zahrul Zaiden commented: “OMG! And this Uptron nonsense is actually deemed better than degrees offered by our own public universities??? Looks like someone, somebody isn't DOING HIS JOB PROPERLY. Thus depriving our own Singaporeans opportunities to excel.”

Unsurprisingly, a petition imploring JP Morgan to dismiss Ramesh Erramalli has attained way past its original target of 15,000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

Will JP Morgan fire one of its ‘own kind’ to quell public anger?

This was reproduced with permission from editors of TR Emeritus.


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