Forget about NUS or NTU - Go For Mumbai University!

By Marky Sim

Singapore parents should seriously consider sending their children to study at the prestigious Mumbai University instead of NUS and NTU, going by the recent IDA saga.

IDA responds to accusations of hiring an employee who pursued a fake MBA degree on its Facebook page

Miss Nisha Padmanabhan's LinkedIn Page

Please get your kids to learn Hindi and prepare them to enter the very reputable Mumbai University as claimed by IDA even though it is ranked 551st in the world, much lower than NUS and NTU’s rankings.

Yes, you heard right. Graduates from Mumbai University are world class, according to IDA.

They are so world class that IDA, a govt statutory board, has got no problem offering them jobs.

IDA is telling us that a person may get as many other fake degrees as possible but as long as he or she is a graduate from Mumbai University, he or she must be world class. In other words, a Mumbai University graduate is a must-have in any organizations!

So, perhaps PM Lee shouldn’t have sent his sons to Cambridge University. He should have sent them to the prestigious Mumbai University instead.

Since IDA thinks Mumbai University is a super solid university, shouldn’t it walk the talk by starting to offer scholarships for its scholars to go study there?

So parents and students, forget about your local NUS and NTU. Go for Mumbai University! There will certainly be a job waiting for you from IDA when you come back home.

I am rushing to prepare my kids for this new study avenue now.

In fact, I’m looking at its website – Very interesting, it even provides you with entertaining music while you browse its site.

This was reproduced with permission from editors of The Real Singapore.


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