A message for 'A' Level candidates who feel like giving up

By finstroke


I'm attempting the 'A' Levels a second time yet the struggles faced remain very real. Many of us whilst going through such a difficult period might constantly encounter thoughts and voices in our head striving their darndest to deflate spirits: "Oh, maybe I should give up", "Oh, maybe I'm not good enough" etc. - admittedly these still swirl in my consciousness despite me doing battle once more, then again I reckon it's only normal to have them.

That said, it is how you respond in the face of such self-defeating thoughts that matters. Last year, I bought into that BS and believed wholeheartedly that I was not capable enough to do well for the 'A' Levels, hence granting myself a perfect excuse to deliver much lesser than my true potential... eventually I gave up on myself in the lead-up to the exams and regretted it immensely thereafter.

This time round, I reflected plenty and appreciated that such negative imprints often occur in a repetitive loop, thus enabling the same old excuses to feed off them and in turn destroy our faith in the face of adversity. Ultimately we can choose to expend unnecessary energies believing such empty excuses and therefore allow ourselves to give up, or we can defiantly retort: "HAH, F*** THIS, YOU CAN'T STOP ME" and press on! Up till the day you receive your actual results slip, you'll never know how well you really fared, because whatever the final outcome may be is beyond your control. Then again, you are in complete control of the amount of effort personally invested these last few weeks, so why settle for anything less than giving your best to secure a better fighting chance? Leave the exam halls with your head held high, knowing that you went all out.

Remember, the grind is real, it's always darkest before the dawn, and the dawn shall arrive. Hang in there and good luck!


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