Am so drained and unmotivated

By depletedsoul

JC1 kid here, the second school term has just commenced as I am penning this. These days I feel completely unmotivated to complete my tutorials and assignments, having done very little despite often sleeping at 3am. I do not have anyone whom I am close to in school, so I gotta keep it all within me.

Only yesterday I lay sobbing loudly on my bed, yet I haven't the slightest idea why I turned on the waterworks. Decided to call in sick today and resolved to finish up my outstanding homework; right now it’s almost 8pm and I am still procrastinating.

I did contemplate dropping out, then again being the first in my family to make it to a junior college I reckoned some stress and pressure are to be expected. I hope I could proudly proclaim I graduated from a JC down the road, however my current mental state is preventing me from giving my all.

Good heavens, I am not suffering from depression, am I?


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