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► Singaporeans on ‘Is it okay for gay teachers to come out in class?’

► ITE grad says he only earned $1.6K/month in Singapore but now makes $100K/year in Australia ‘just as a simple plumber’

► ‘Younger generation think they’re entitled to these salaries with no work experience’ — Singaporeans

► ‘Maybe they’re looking for S$10K starting pay’ — Singaporeans opine as ‘more graduates remain unemployed’ after completing university

► In Parliament: Jamus Lim tackles testing anxiety; proposes alternate ‘through-train’ programme allowing for bypass of PSLE

► ‘Parents cannot look beyond PSLE’ — Edutech leader says he’s giving up on Singapore

Life Notes

► Story of our 17-year-old daughter so far: 6 lessons we learned from her

► Like father, like son; like son, father

Salt & Light

► To the 'O' level cohort: "God will use your A's and your F's"

► But God is a greater reality than your 'O' level results, says bad boy made good

► "Every test is an opportunity to exercise faith": Father-daughter pair share how they manage her 'A' level results

Rice Media

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► Project Work Will Soon Be Cut From University Admission Scores. Good Riddance.

► Has Singapore Come to the Point of ‘Every Tuition Centre a Good Tuition Centre’?

Wake Up Singapore

► Tay Kheng Soon leaves NUS after accusations of being ‘racist’

► Chat GPT Might Not Be As Smart As We Think

► 7 Out Of 350 Students Present for NTU Engineering Class Lecture

The Asian Parent

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The Raffles Press

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