My child's classmate has anger management issues and I fear for her safety each day

By CryptographerOver204

My child is currently a P2 student enrolled in a local primary school here. Last year, she was bullied by her classmate; he would often pinch and kick her without provocation. I soon learnt that other pupils were also assaulted by this boy who apparently possesses some anger management issues. I therefore reported this matter to the school authorities - they counselled him accordingly and he was always accompanied by a teacher aide or counsellor ad interim.

Shortly after, their form teacher resigned and another was reassigned to them. Oh well. Anyways, back to the boy. His overall behaviour seemed to have significantly improved this year. That was until when he suffered a meltdown one day and flung a chair at his classmate, grazing him and causing visible bleeding. The teacher tended to the injured individual but the angry boy did not stop there. He ran amok around the classroom, sending everyone screaming in terror.

My child got shook up real good as she sat near the injured boy when the whole thing happened, thus witnessing the blood and all upfront. It could have been her. An ambulance was called and it was determined the victim required stitches. The offending culprit ended up being suspended for a week from school, while their existing form teacher chose to quit yet again. A month has passed since the incident, but my child is still feeling nervous about attending class each day. Frankly speaking, I am just as worried and helpless that I can't physically protect her when the need arises.


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