Everyone is avoiding me like plague during Polytechnic orientation

By No_Celebration5302

Today was the second day of Republic Polytechnic's orientation programme, and it’s my second day of feeling like absolute shit. I enrolled with hopes of making new friends and forging new connections but that just somehow never materialized. I tried to mingle to the best of my abilities but it seemed like everyone just didn’t want anything to do with me. I tried to laugh along to the jokes they were making to demonstrate my interest but when I did so they simply gave me blank stares and then proceeded to ignore me altogether.

I hated the fact that they’re not even making any effort to respond when I smile or react positively to their conversations. They would include anyone who wanted in on the prevailing conversation but somehow never me. Whenever I stood or sat close to them they can often be seen backing away slowly before heading some place else. Mind you, this is my very first time interacting with these folks so there ain't any petty drama from the past or something along those lines warranting their avoidance of me.

By now I am starting to feel extremely self-conscious about my appearance/conduct which might perhaps be the problem, even though I reckoned I looked just like everyone else. “Am I super ugly?” “Do I act weird?” “Did I say something wrong?” were some of the stuff going through my mind during this entire time. The seniors on the other hand were pretty amiable friendly and kind, which was probably the reason I hadn't lost my mind yet. However, I am beginning to fear I might not be able to achieve good grades insofar as groupwork-related modules are concerned down the road if I persistently get ignored by the people around me, since they could choose to not cooperate with me during presentations and stuff. What have I done to even deserve this? :/


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