I feel like a failure

By Top-Somewhere-4363

I previously came from an elite/upper-mid tier secondary school and all my friends performed really well in last years' 'O' Level examinations. Many ended up in top JCs and seeing my Instagram Stories flooded with posts about them enthusiastically attending their orientation sessions just makes me feel so, so inferior.

As for myself, I didn't fare too great (obtained a raw L1R5 score of 10). Which is why I ended up in a mid-tier jc and right now I am kinda ashamed to share anything personal on social media, because somehow I reckon everyone will judge me. I know this all sounds very superficial but the feeling of inferiority is crippling. My former secondary school pals are supportive and they haven't actually done anything wrong, it's just a me problem. I treasure their friendships yet sometimes I feel embarrassed to talk to/go out with them. Do these nonsensical emotions ever pass?


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