I am not looking forward to CNY this year

By adiploidzygote

I just received my 'O' Level results. While my grades obtained weren't too shabby (scored a slew of Bs if you must know), I am only considered average in my school and do not qualify for top JCs like HCI or RI because I fell significantly short of the minimum required COP.

Hence I am not quite in the mood to go for CNY visitations this coming weekend because I anticipate being bombarded with questions from relatives regarding you know what. Frankly I would feel kinda embarrassed letting them know how I fared because I don't want to be seen as a disappointment to my family (after all my siblings are pretty academically inclined). Besides, I do not wish to be compared with my cousins who are mostly overachievers themseves, never failing to bag a plethora of awards year in, year out.

How I wished I simply could bury my head in the sand and will away the days till school reopens next Wednesday.


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