I'm genuinely worried for my lazy sibling

By curiositykilledthecat

Of late I’ve started noticing some really bad habits that my younger sister in secondary 2 possesses which made me feel rather concerned about her future.

They aren't your typical antics stemming from the teenage moody phase but chronically bad mannerisms that demonstrate an utter lack of discipline in one’s life, such as spending her daily allowance on junk food and therefore skipping lunch altogether because all the money got used up. Generally speaking, she prefers to chow down on snacks as well as soft drinks instead of proper meals.

She never bothers to clean up after herself, neither does she perform any household chores. Sometimes, she’ll even forget to flush the toilet after taking a dump!

Her studies aren't up to par either; she scored mostly D7s, E8s and F9s in secondary 1. Mind you, it’s not like she is struggling to understand, she just doesn’t give two hoots about putting in effort. For crying out loud secondary 1 ain't ALL THAT difficult. Instead of poring over her textbooks she is often seen playing computer games or surfing TikTok whilst at home, sigh.

As far as I am aware she isn't stricken with mental issues of any kind.

My parents did try their darndest to get her to come to her senses, but it has taken a toll on my dad’s health - he thus became a lot more lenient since. My mum on the other hand is swarmed at work these days.

I’m not trying to bash her here, then again I'm genuinely worried for her. I know that certain actions compounded over time can have drastic impacts, like how poor discipline leads to poor grades and possibly lesser career options much further down the road.

Exasperation aside, my resentment of her is gradually building up too. Oh well.


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