Glaring disparity between how us siblings are treated

By Xxxtentasialliaol

I come from a minority ethnic group that culturally places low emphasis on education.

Imbibed with such a mindset, I naturally fared poorly in school up until secondary 4. I barely passed and ended up at RP - reputedly Singapore's worst polytechnic .

Then my girlfriend dumped me. Instead of dwelling in self pity, I channeled my anger towards studying hard, eventually getting accepted into NTU.

Now I have an elder brother who also went through a similar route.

Problem is - he's hardly motivated academically, yet aspires to be a doctor (I honestly doubt he knows what it takes to make that happen). He graduated with a dismal GPA of 2.5 (for you JC students, that’s a C+ average).

Meanwhile my parents unequivocally supported him, even setting aside 600,000 SGD for his medical education at a lesser known (nevertheless being recognised by the Singapore Medical Council) overseas institution.

Herein lies my problem.

When I suggested seeking hostel accommodation to cut down on daily commuting time (fyi we live in the eastern part of Singapore, hence it takes 3 f**king hours just to travel back and fourth between home and school), THEY WERE STRONGLY AGAINST THE IDEA, OPINING I WAS SPENDING MONEY UNNECESSARILY!

Let's do the math. On account of my minority group status, I am accorded significant tuition fee subsidies. My entire 4-year university education would cost around 16K SGD - with hostel fees factored in, this would go up to 32K SGD. Additionally, I plan on paying back my parents every single cent. But no can do, son.

I feel so peeved about this. In honesty, I never quite got along with my brother since young - still, I’d never say or do anything that would antagonize / worry my parents.

Lest you know, I am currently working my ass off to partially support myself as well.

Think for a moment: 600k for older brother vs less than 40k for me.

I’ve proven myself and he hasn't. Invest in me today and I’ll be able to repay you folks manifold down the road.

It pisses me even further knowing for sure he ain't never gonna be no doctor. Possessing zero drive, shitty academic ability - it's clear as day he isn't going to amount to anything, ever.

My gut tells me he’s going to simply squander away my parents' hard-earned monies. They are too blinded by love and partiality to even think objectively.


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